What you need to know about spam...

"Spam accounts for 45% of all e-mails, or 15 billion messages every day, and costs business world-wide a total of $20 billion a year in lost productivity and technology expenses, according to the Radicati Group, a market research firm in Palo Alto, CA. The firm predicts the number of daily spams will rise to more than 50 billion by 2007, and costs will reach almost $200 billion per year."

--Wall Street Journal, August 2003

There is no doubt that spam is growing at an alarming rate in both personal and corporate inboxes. According to the Radicati Group, spam accounts for 45% of all emails and that number is expected to continue increasing. Thatís just simply astounding and unacceptable.

Using a conservative approach, letís take a look at how much spam is estimated to cost a company of 1000 people.

If we make the assumption that each person receives on average 20 spam emails per day and spends on average 15 seconds processing each email, then that means the company receives about 7.3 million spam emails over the course of an year and that its employees spend about 30,500 hours processing these spam emails by either deleting them or responding to them. Thatís 30,500 hours of lost productivity!

At Digital Companies we have taken up the fight against spam! While there are many software packages that claim to filter spam from your mailbox, the only way to keep spam out completely AND protect your valuable resources (i.e. disk space, bandwith, etc), you must stop Spam BEFORE it enters your network.

The Digital Companies solution; utilizing a variety of techniques and technologies, Digital Companies has implemented dedicated servers that filter e-mail BEFORE it reaches your computer. Whether your company has its own mail server, your e-mail service is hosted by Digital Companies, or Digital Companies provides you and your office with e-mail accounts, our Spam filters are always there working for you! As an added bonus, we scan and filter the latest viruses BEFORE they enter your network and computers!

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